Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kendall Jones: Psycho or Saint?

Kendall Jones: Psycho or Saint?

A Texas teenager has caused a lot of uproar recently. Kendall Jones, a rising sophomore & cheerleader at Texas Tech University, has sparked public outrage with her Facebook photos of successfully hunted animals.
The photos show the young hunter with her various "trophies" ranging from deer to more exotic animals like lions and elephants. While Jones and other hunting enthusiasts have defended her actions, many incensed people have taken to social media demanding she be stopped. Is the infamous Texan a psycho or a saint?


Hunting is one thing: hunting endangered species is another. Although Jones pays for her permits to hunt these wild animals, her claims that the money helps local villages are inaccurate. 
  • In 2012, 600 African hunting permits were purchased
  • 566/600 were purchased by Americans
  • All that money returns to the States
  • 1 acre of protected land generates 1,300% more revenue than 1 acre of hunted land
So, big game hunting not only hurts the villages economically, but ecologically as well. When the population of animals such as lions is diminished significantly, it upsets the ecosystem. 
  • Africa's lion population has decreased by 90% in the last 75 years
  • There are currently 3,500 African Lions
  • Anti-Hunting Laws could double the current population
If Kendall truly wants to help the village, she should stay away!


Kendall and her family have been under significant attack in recent days. There was even a Facebook page called "Kill Kendall Jones" (This page has been removed by Facebook) and a congressman offering $100k for nude photos of her. Jones says that critics have failed to recognize the positive things she does for animals. Yesterday for example, Jones saved a baby deer from being devoured by a hungry coyote, posting this to her Facebook page: 

Kendall has also pointed out that some of the animals she has "killed" were in fact not actually dead. For example, one infamous image of Jones and a seemingly dead rhino has been widely circulated. However, Kendall says the rhino was only tranquilized because it required medical attention. She and her team assisted the rhino and once again freed the majestic creature.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below: does Kendall deserve the negative criticism she has received?

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  1. This girl is sick. It's one thing to hunt but another for trophy hunting. We need meat to live I get it--but not to hang on our mantle pieces