Friday, July 11, 2014

The Prodigal Son Returns

He's Baaaack

The prodigal son returns home. Lebron James is officially a Cavalier once again. What does this mean for Cleveland fans and the free agency frenzy?Well I was wrong. In an earlier post I said Lebron would not be returning to Cleveland. But he is. So what impact will the King have on Cleveland?

Lebron's Immediate Impact

Right off the bat Cleveland is getting the NBA's brightest star. But the shepherd will also bring along his loyal sheep, Ray Allen. Coupled with Andrew Wiggins and Kyrie Irving, this will be an exciting team to watch. According to Nate Silver, reputable statistician, Cleveland will go 52-30 this year with King James. This is a huge step up from last season but is it enough to win a championship?

Free Agency Frenzy

Lebron was obviously the headline of the free agent signing. However, there are still plenty of great players out there. Will James' signing influence any of the big names? Cleveland certainly hopes so. Here are some of the possibilities:
  • Carmelo Anthony - Probably the most expensive player on the list
    • Pro: Would add another tremendous talent to a young Cavalier roster
    • Con: Plays the same position as Lebron
    • Con: Cleveland may not have the cap space

  • Kevin Love - Young, talented, and definitely on the move
    • The Wolves have been worried about what they could get in return for Kevin Love. Look no further than Cleveland.
    • Love wants to win a championship and with Lebron headed to Cleveland, it's a logical destination.
    • Cleveland has the talent and the draft picks to get this deal done

  • Chris Bosh - Played with Lebron in Miami and helped win 2 championships
    • Bosh opted out at the same time and would probably like to follow King James
    • The combination of Varejao and Bosh would be extremely dangerous

At the end of the day, anything can happen in the NBA. I mean who really expected the prodigal son to return. Obviously Lebron will immediately boost the Cavs 2014-15 season. The question is: who can he bring with him?

What do you think? Should Lebron have gone to Cleveland? Who else--if anyone--will the Cavs pick up?


  1. Bosh is headed to Houston...Ray Allen is useless...Carmelo is too selfish. Dumb move by LeBron basketball wise. Maybe he thinks he owes something to the city that raised him.

  2. You missed Mike Miller. Lebron was interested in reaching out to him if I remember correctly.