Friday, July 11, 2014

Why Germany Will Win the World Cup

Germany Will Win World Cup

I am fully convinced that Germany will win the World Cup. Miroslav Klose has already scored the most goal in World Cup history and he isn't slowing down anytime soon. Here is why Germany will win the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
Goal Scorers
Despite having Lionel Messi, Argentina is outmatched when it comes to goal scorers. Argentina has scored only 8 goals this World Cup compared to Germany's 17. Germany destroyed Brazil 7-1 just days ago and proved that they are not short on offense. Here's a look at some key statistics:
  • Argentina Goal Scorers
    • Lionel Messi - Best player in the world - 4 goals
    • Marcos Rojo - 1 goal
    • Angel di Maria - 1 goal
    • Gonzalo Higuain - 1 goal
    • 1 goal from an own goal
  • Germany Goal Scorers
    • Thomas Muller - 5 goals
    • Andre Schurrle - 3 goals
    • Miroslav Klose - 2 goals
    • Mats Hummels - 2 goals
    • Toni Kroos - 2 goals
    • Sami Khedira, Mesut Ozil, and Mario Gotze - 1 goal apiece
While virtually all of Argentina's offense has come from Messi, Germany has spread the wealth. If Germany can stop Messi, they will easily win Sunday's Final.

It can be argued that the midfield of a team is the most essential part and Germany has the best midfield in the world.
  • Ozil has been a stud since 2010 where he was nominated for the Golden Ball Award at the 2010 World Cup
  • Muller is Germany's leading goal scorer and has been on fire in Rio. He will test the Argentinian defense and their keeper, Sergio Romero
  • Klose. Enough said. FIFA World Cup's all-time leading scorer only adds to an already impressive German midfield.
With arguably the best midfield in the world, Germany has the potential to be as dominate against Argentina as they were against Brazil.

Local Support
It is a well-documented fact that Brazilians dislike Argentina. Expect the home crowd to show up in full force for Germany. If the game is close, a boost from the crowd will be all Germany needs to finish what they started in the "Group of Death." On Sunday, they will be crowned FIFA World Cup Champions.

What do you think? Who will win and why? Leave a comment to start the discussion.


  1. WOOO!!! Hell yeah we will! #Deutchsland

    1. Hahha the enthusiasm is appreciated. I bet Argentina fans would disagree with you...but they'd be wrong.

    2. You're underestimating Messi and Ramos. Best soccer player in the world and goalie with the most clean sheets. Remember, defense wins championships

  2. Don't forget Argentina has Higuain, Messi, Aguero and...SERGIO ROMERO!

    1. Right and they are all fantastic players but Higuain and Aguero have yet to show up this tournament. I still think Germany is the better team.

  3. Let's see if Germany can score a goal...^^

    1. Argentina has done well keeping teams goal-less. What do you think would happen in pks

  4. ARGENTINA,,,will win because of
    something we latinos, call it !!GARRA or HUEVOS,,,!!!!!

    1. Not sure what that means but I'll take your word for it hahha

  5. Argentina may have Messi and Germany have a team , the whole team is the key to winning the World Cup this year , dienationalmanschaft , crystal clear Germany is the champions of this world cup edition - Germany fan

    1. I was pulling for USA but obviously I knew this wasn't our year. Other than that I've had Germany winning from the start

  6. You know that's the great thing about the World Cup your previous matches don't mean anything in the next one. Besides the fact that it got you there doesn't mean it will get you any further.

    As I like to say Predicting is a fools game.

    You know Argentina they haven’t played the best in the tournament but yet their performance has been enough to get them through and they are getting better and better each time. We were able to beat NED even if it was by penalties, its a statement since they were said to be one of the top teams.It doesn't matter how many goals Argentina made or how they played before because now they only need one strong performance to cement themselves as world champions.

    After 24 years finally making it this far (even just to the semis) you think these guys are going to let it go. NOOOO man these guys are hungrier each and every game. I mean for gods sake Mascherano literally tore his anus just to stop Robben from making a goal. These guys are not leaving without a fight.

    All we can hope now is that it is a fair and deserved win.

    Argentina will always be the champions in my heart, win or loose.

    1. I hope the Germans don't treat Messi and Argentina like a punching bag like they did Maradona in 1990, let him play his game instead of trying to always run him over.We all know what happens when Germany tries to run countries over. JC 07/12/14

    2. Agreed. I'm hoping for a fair and exciting game all around with no blown calls by the refs!